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After several years of obscurity great offer , Bluetooth speaker technology is finally out of the shadow Wi-Fi wireless LAN technology , found his useless - mobile phone and wireless headset market and begin to mature.
More and more mobile phone manufacturers began to configure Bluetooth chips in their mobile phones , which undoubtedly will drive demand growth Bluetooth headset . Bluetooth phone and Bluetooth headset allows users to wirelessly session.
From consultancy IDC research report, the global mobile phone sales this year, 13 percent have Bluetooth capabilities , and by 2008 this proportion will rise to 53% , in which 65 percent of the Bluetooth phones in the U.S. market is sold.
Motorola believes that the current Bluetooth has become the standard of high-end phones , soon after all handsets will add this feature. Motorola Bluetooth technology will be considered large-scale application in 2005.
Industry analysts believe that consumer interest in mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets are increasingly rising , while this new conversation mode also allows lawmakers feel a hint of relaxed.
Global context , the country can not tolerate the driver a hand wheel drive, a hand holding a cell phone . In New York and other U.S. states, if you do not wear a headset or hands-free mode does not use a call is illegal. The Bluetooth technology is no doubt this will solve the people 's worries .